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Restorative Plumbing Repairs & Installations

Solve your clog or drain issues with plumbing repairs and installations from Milton E. Moore Plumbing and Heating Inc. in Glassboro, New Jersey. Using the latest tools and proven techniques, we accurately and find the problem and fix it quickly.
Water Running - Plumbing Repairs

Complete Plumbing Work

We perform everything from minor repairs to major projects, including complete repiping or pipe installation for new construction. Different builders hire us for new construction and repair work. We also handle all of your needs such as fixing faucets and leaks as well as service and installation.

Plumbing Service & Repair Includes:
• Copper Repiping Services
• Drain Cleaning Services & Repairs
• Leak Detection Services & Repairs
• New Plumbing Installations
• Sewer Drain Installations
• Sewer Repairs
• Unclogging & Sewer Drain Cleaning Services
• Garbage Disposal Repairs & Installations
• Leaky Faucet Repairs
• Toilet Repairs & Installations
• Water Heater Installations & Repairs
  (Specializing in Bradford White™ Products)
• Gas Piping Repair & Installations
• New Fixture & Faucet Installations
• Sewer Installations & Replacements
• New Drains & Water Supply Line Installations

Video Drain Line Inspection

Prevent overflowing sinks with video line inspection from Milton E. Moore Plumbing and Heating Inc. This service allows us to pinpoint the problem more quickly and accurately. When unclogging is needed, we make sure the line is clean clear and doesn't need repairs.

Contact our contractors for plumbing repairs and installations that help maintain your access to fresh water.